How Electromagnetic Fields Work

Exercise keeps you fit! This common saying is based on the finding that breathing, heart pulse wave and movement create slowly oscillating functional signals in the frequency range from 2 to 20 Hz. These signals provide important information for the regulation of metabolism, cell differentiation, and cell development.
In situations where people experience impaired mobility due to disease, accident, or advanced age, there is a risk of delayed healing or, even, tissue and bone degeneration. The crucial functional stimuli that regulate cell growth, maintain the communication between cells and uphold their specific tasks are missing. With the help of modern technology, weak electromagnetic fields can be created that are very similar to the functional stimuli used naturally by the body. Research and experience indicate that these functional signals have a beneficial effect on the formation of new blood vessels and bone tissue, as well as on wound healing and the human autonomic nervous system*.
Weak electromagnetic fields can improve the immune system in general, alleviate pain and ensure that cells are fully capable of performing their respective functions. Results show that this does not lead to overstimulation of healthy tissue - healthy tissue just stays healthy.

* Some experts are not in agreement with these scientific findings.