Magnetodyn® Technology

The original technology developed by Kraus and Lechner

Our experience is that you can benefit from Magnetodyn® therapy in any situation, to maintain optimum health, to prevent or treat health problems, or to promote healing after accidents and injuries.
Magnetodyn® technology uses weak, slowly oscillating electromagnetic fields. The uniform sinusoidal signal used by our technology is inspired by nature, which explains why it is so well accepted by the body . The magnetic fields exert their natural effect and deliver their action exactly where it is most needed: at the level of the damaged cell. Current world wide research* indicates that these fields help to restore normal cell function, enabling cells to perform all their tasks within the framework of the tissue. Using this approach, damaged tissue can be renewed to the greatest possible extent. Our findings show this to be how Magnetodyn® technology supports the regenerative processes. The greater the body’s ability to regenerate, the more likely it is that you will stay healthy, strong and youthful - even after disease and into old age.

Magnetodyn® technology can be used in two ways :

  • The non-invasive technique is used in rehabilitation hospitals, on an outpatient basis by your doctor, or for home treatment, depending on the indication.
  • The surgically invasive technique is used in combination with an implant that can be activated electrically. This method is applied in a clinical care environment.

Ask your doctor regarding appropriate treatment or contact us for detailed information and advice.

Some experts are not in agreement with these scientific findings.